Because of our extensive experience in closing and advising on real estate transactions, we sometimes encounter transactions that do not close due to a buyer or seller default and other real estate disputes. The attorneys at Goede, Adamczyk & DeBoest, PLLC have the litigation experience our clients need to address these unfortunate real estate matters.

Our experience includes cases involving breach of contract, specific performance, title defects, quiet title, slander of title and easement litigation. We routinely handle evictions and other litigation involving residential and commercial leases.

Our experience representing over 125 community associations has given us the opportunity to represent boards in real estate disputes with individual residents, adjoining communities and governmental authorities. One of our attorneys recently represented two communities in a dispute with neighboring communities and local governmental authorities involving a controversial roadway.

Should the need arise, we hope that you contact Goede, Adamczyk & DeBoest, PLLC to learn more about our real estate litigation services and experience.