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Contract Negation and Preparation

Contracts are the lifeblood of every business. They are also the source of many disputes, whether its due to the fact that one party has not lived up to its obligations, or due to the fact that the parties disagree as to what those obligations are. Careful contract drafting can avoid many of the pitfalls and ambiguities that can cause these problems. Goede, Adamczyk & DeBoest, PLLC is available to negotiate contracts from start to finish or to review draft contracts negotiated and drafted by the parties themselves.

Those seeking to enter into a contract would be well-advised to have a business attorney review a contract with “well trained eyes” to review for any possible potential problems and ensure they are properly addressed before execution. By clarifying contract language and ensuring that the parties have completely expressed their intentions, businesses and individuals can greatly reduce the chance of problems in the future. Such preemptive action is far less expensive and disruptive than dealing with a dispute once it has arisen. Good contracts make for good business relations.

Individuals and companies negotiate and enter into contracts everyday in the course of ordinary business. Some business agreements may be simple enough for the typical business to draft or review, while others may require the help of an experienced licensed business attorney. In either case, the ideal end result is confidence that you have negotiated the best terms for your business, and created a well-drafted agreement that will avoid any dispute or potential litigation.

A well drafted contract will include all business titles, define important terms and include all the names of related parties. It will be accurate and the contract should be consistent in its tone, grammar, word usage, and abbreviations. It should anticipate litigation by including sections regarding venue, choice of law, and the application of reasonable attorney fees. It should be executed my all parties, including relevant business titles, if applicable. All pages should be initialed and numbered, as this will avoid the appearance that pages could have been added after the agreement was signed.

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